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Our clients stay with us for an average of 12 years and several have been with us for over 30 years
We aim to respond to all general domestic and international quote requests within one hour.
For shipments arriving in Australia, we can arrange for our staff to be present at the arrival port or airport to ensure any potential issues are resolved swiftly

Our Client Testimonials

We’re proud to build long-lasting relationships
Phil Brown
Phil Brown
6 November 2023
We have been using Powerhouse now for over 20 years and the service we get is remarkable. Duncan and his team are the best in the business, I would highly recommend them.
Bill McAuley
Bill McAuley
2 November 2023
Always happy to help. Friendly & knowledgable service . *****
Jono Wishart
Jono Wishart
2 November 2023
We have been using Duncan & the Power House team for nearly 20 years now, they have provided a service 2nd to none! They have handled everything from containers, to cars, to personal imports, masts & rigging pieces from all over the world. Once in their hands you can be assured that your goods will be exported & imported with care & ease. I highly recommend the Power House team and look forward to using their outstanding services again in the future. Jono Wishart Master SY ENCORE Worldwide Super Yacht
Ellen Flint
Ellen Flint
2 November 2023
Adele and all the staff at Powerhouse International Qld provide the most professional and seamless Customs brokerage and International logistics services in Brisbane. We can thoroughly recommend their services to any import or export related business.
Dan Manchester
Dan Manchester
2 November 2023
I've been utilising the services of Duncan and the team at Powerhouse for more than 15 years and they are the best out there. They take the stress out of importing and are always happy to provide advice and help whenever they can.
Leita Battersby
Leita Battersby
2 November 2023
Duncan and The Team at Powerhouse International have and continue to provide excellent global assistance to transport our variety of goods to our valued customers around the world. Professional - yes Value for money - yes Communication - yes No job is too difficult for this Team
Diana Mitchell
Diana Mitchell
31 October 2023
Having worked with Powerhouse International QLD for 20 years. I can honestly say - Powerhouse International QLD is more than just a freight forwarder. They are a partner that I can trust and rely on. They have a team of experts who are friendly and helpful. The Team will always go over and above for you. They have a network of agents and carriers who are reliable and experienced. They have a reputation of excellence and integrity in the industry. I highly recommend Powerhouse International QLD to anyone who is looking for a freight forwarder. They are the best in the business and they will make your shipping experience hassle-free and enjoyable. Powerhouse International QLD is the ultimate choice for your logistics solutions.
30 October 2023
It's been 15 wonderful years working alongside with Adele & Duncan. Our shipping agents at Powerhouse International QLD handle all our International & local Air & Sea shipments. I know I am in good hands with them, as they are familiar with our products and most importantly will achieve all our delivery targets with ease. I cannot fault their continuous professional & friendly service. Thank you to all the team that make the magic happen behind the scenes!
Michael D.
Michael D.
29 October 2023
I have used Powerhouse for logistics requirements both internationally and domestically over the last 15 years, including during Covid, and each time those shipments have been delivered on time, in excellent condition and at a very competitive rate. They are extremely good at what they do. I must pay particular tribute to Martin Surm at Powerhouse, who has demonstrated first class knowledge and expertise to assist with some very challenging jobs around the world and has gone above and beyond every time.

Shipping Mining Equipment with Powerhouse International

Wondering how to go about shipping mining equipment?

You’ve just hit a gold mine

Powerhouse International QLD’s services are reliable and cost-effective—we’re everything you could possibly look for in a mining logistics provider. 

Take your pick from our broad selection of shipping options—whether it’s by land, sea, or air—to countries like the USA, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, China, and beyond. 

As leaders in our field with over 232 years of combined logistics expertise, clients can expect nothing less than a straightforward and hassle-free mining transportation process.

An Overview of Mining Logistics and Transportation

Always a hit and never a miss—shipping mining equipment becomes easier than ever with our expertise. From choosing the most cost-effective shipping method to arranging various other aspects including insurance, customs clearance, documentation, and more, our team ensures a seamless process every step of the way. 

Below, you’ll discover a clearer overview of the common types of mining equipment that typically require custom logistics solutions, various shipping options, and average time frames. 

The Types of Mining Equipment Requiring Custom Logistics Solutions

Here are some of the most common types of heavy mining equipment that need expert solutions so they arrive at their destinations safe and sound. 

  1. Excavators: Versatile machines used for digging, earth removal, and material handling.

  2. Draglines: Extremely large earth-moving machines that efficiently remove overburden (the layer of soil and rock overlying a mineral deposit). They’re often used in strip-mining operations.

  3. Bulldozers: Used to move large quantities of soil and rock during the land-clearing process.

  4. Wheel Loaders: Also known as front-end loaders or bucket loaders, they’re used for material handling, loading, and transporting mined material.

Mining Resource Shipping Options 

When choosing a method for shipping mining equipment from Australia, there are several options available, depending on the size, weight, urgency, and final destination of the equipment. This includes the following:

Mining Equipment Freight by Sea:

  • Full Container Load (FCL): If the equipment can fit into a standard 20-foot or 40-foot container, this might be the most cost-effective option.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL): For smaller equipment or parts that do not require a full container.
  • Break Bulk: For oversized or heavy equipment that cannot be containerized, these would be shipped on specialized vessels.
  • Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo): For wheeled equipment like trucks or bulldozers that can be driven on and off the ship.

Mining Resource Freight by Air: The fastest but most expensive option—suitable for urgent or high-value shipments. Air freight is generally used for smaller mining equipment components or critical parts that are needed promptly.

Road Transport: For destinations within Australia or accessible by land, road transport can be a viable option.

Rail Transport: This is an efficient and cost-effective option for heavy loads if the origin and destination are well-served by rail networks.

Multimodal Transport: A combination of the above methods, such as transporting the equipment by road to a seaport and then by sea to the destination country.

An expert managing the shipping of mining equipment

Estimated Durations for Shipping Mining Equipment

The estimated shipping durations for mining equipment from Australia to various global destinations can vary significantly based on the chosen mode of transport, route, and the specific origin & destination points within Australia and the receiving country. Here are some general estimates for different modes of transport:

Mining Resource Freight by Sea:

  • Short-haul destinations (e.g., Asia-Pacific region): Approximately 1-4 weeks.
  • Medium-haul destinations (e.g., Middle East, India): Approximately 4-6 weeks.
  • Long-haul destinations (e.g., Europe, North America, Africa): Approximately 6-10 weeks.

Mining Resource Freight by Air:

  • Almost all global destinations: Approximately 1-3 days to a week, depending on direct flights, availability, and customs clearance processes.

Road Transport:

  • Within Australia: Typically a few days to a week, depending on the distance and road conditions.

Rail Transport:

  • Within Australia: A few days to a week, similar to road transport, depending on the rail network and distances involved
A bulldozer being prepared for mining resource shipping

What Are The Costs for Shipping Mining Equipment?

The estimated costs for shipping mining equipment from Australia can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the size and weight of the equipment, the mode of transportation, the distance to the destination, and the specific services required. Here's a general breakdown of potential costs:

Sea Freight:

  • Costs can range from a few thousand dollars for smaller equipment to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands for large, heavy machinery. For example, shipping a standard 20-foot container might cost between $2,000 and $5,000 for nearby destinations, and more for further ones. Oversized or heavy-lift cargo that requires special handling will be significantly more expensive.

Air Freight:

  • This is the most expensive option, often costing several times more than sea freight. Rates are calculated based on the weight and volume of the cargo. For heavy mining equipment, costs could easily run into tens of thousands of dollars depending on the weight and urgency of the shipment.

Road Transport:

  • Within Australia, this could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the distance and type of equipment. Cross-continental trips will be on the higher end of the spectrum.

Rail Transport:

  • Often more cost-effective than road transport for long distances within Australia, but still dependent on the distance and the equipment's size and weight.

Additional costs to consider: 

  • Packing and Crating: Ensuring that the equipment is properly protected for transit can add to the overall costs.
  • Loading and Unloading: Special equipment and labour required to handle heavy machinery will increase the price.
  • Insurance: Given the value of mining equipment, insurance is highly recommended and will add to the total shipping cost.
  • Customs Duties and Taxes: These vary by destination and can significantly affect the overall cost.
  • Documentation and Compliance: Costs associated with export documentation, import permits, and compliance with both Australian and destination country regulations.

Teaming up with the experts ensures you get the most cost-effective yet reliable solutions. When it comes to mining logisticsPowerhouse International is top of mind. Don’t settle for anything less than a shipping provider that ticks all the boxes.

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Case Studies

Complex Cargo

Requiring A Blend Of Services

The Challenge:

We were contacted by a client who made preparations to row a boat all the way from the USA to Australia. Their concern was that there was a very narrow weather window on when the row could be commenced and they could not afford the goods to be damaged in transit.

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Complex Cargo

Transporting A Commercial Aircraft by land and sea

The Challenge:

The Qantas Museum in Longreach purchased a large commercial aircraft (Lockheed Super Constellation) from the Philippines which had been residing in a grass paddock (beside the main airport runway) since 1986. This model of aircraft had been used extensively by Qantas on their long haul international flights and would be a vital component of the Qantas story at the museum. They contacted us initially as the plane was in no condition to fly and they required a specialist project logistics company to help them arrange the extraction, dismantling and transport to Australia.

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Complex Cargo

Transporting Inaccessible oversize Cargo

The Challenge:

The owner of a large Combined Harvester had successfully sold their machine to a sugar cane plantation in Fiji. Once this transaction had been completed they contacted a number of international forwarding specialists to get a quote on arranging all the transport requirements. Unfortunately, due to the challenges involved, they were unable to find anyone who was interested in assisting.

They contacted Powerhouse Queensland after a referral from one of the project carriers in our network. We began the process with an onsite meeting to view the goods and assess all possible transportation options. The first challenge was that the machine itself had been positioned at the rear of a large residential block for some years and due to property changes in the area had become inaccessible.

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Sea Freight

Strategizing For A Restricted Budget

The Challenge:

A cruise company in Airlie beach purchased 2 landing barges from Thailand which they planned to use for transporting tourists to remote coral cays and islands in the Whitsundays.
The transport costs they had received from other logistic companies exceeded their budget and they contacted Powerhouse Queensland to see if we could provide a more cost effective solution.

See our solution
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